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Superellipse November 22, 2006

Posted by James in Insane Ramblings.
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Perhaps this blog shall rise from the dead, like Ronald Reagan, perhaps not. Only time will tell, but I shall try to start making more updates.

(As if anyone reads this…YET!)


Happy Gnadenhütten Massacre Day! March 8, 2006

Posted by James in Insane Ramblings.

Ah yes, March 8th, 2006: The perfect day to celebrate the 224th anniversary of the brutal murder of 96 unarmed, non-combatant, Native American Christian converts (wait, it gets worse) by Pennsylvanian militiamen during the Revolutionary War…

“…the Christian Munsees were killed as they knelt, their skulls crushed with a mallet. In all, 28 men, 29 women, and 39 children were murdered and then scalped. The corpses were then heaped into the mission buildings, and the town was burned to the ground. The other abandoned Moravian towns were then burned as well. Two boys, one of whom had been scalped, survived to tell of the massacre.”

More on that here.

However, it’s also a fine day to start a blog. A “news”, “technology” and “whatever pops into my (‘my’ being me, and me being James) head” blog.

That being said, what is on the coming agenda? Well, definitely fun things, inspirational posters of some sort, possibly some dark humor, and hell, who knows, maybe even a few insane ramblings. These may or may not be about penguins and/or movies from the early 1980’s.

More at 11.